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Timeline 3500 BCE: Mesopotamia, the world's first civilization, developed in Sumer, now southeastern Iraq. 633 CE: Syria and Iraq are conquered by Muslims 680: Mayyad caliph troops murdered Husayn, Shiites’ successor to the caliphate. This triggered the Shiites' revolt against Umayyad rule, and the day of Husayn's death became a day of grief 685- 687: Shi'ite Muslims revolt in Iraq 750: Capital of Iraq moved to Baghdad by the Abbasids February 10, 1258: Baghdad fell to Mongol invaders after a continuation of devastating floods; began a long period of economic, political, and cultural decline. March 11, 1917 : British troops occupied Baghdad, Iraq April 1920: Iraq comes under British mandate after the fall of the Ottoman empire in 1918 Aug. 23 1921 : Faisal I becomes king of Iraq Oct. 3 1932 : Iraq achieves independence from British rule 1933 : Faisal I dies and his son, Ghazi, becomes king 1939:
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