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Hamlet Study Guide - violence” 85 D Trap – He is caught...

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61. E. I, II, and III 62. B. goodness does not persist indefinitely 63. E. Paradox 64. B. The king says that “no place indeed should murther sanctuarize” right after Laertes says he wants to cut Hamlet’s throat in a church – so no place, not even a church, should give sanctuary to a murderer. 65. A. circumspect = watchful, prudent, cautious, well-considered 66. D. Figurative Language 67. E. Laertes’ crying 68. E. Native – line 89 83. B. Hyperbole – exaggeration 84. A. he has been holding back because Laertes dallies and Hamlet wants him to “pass with your best
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Unformatted text preview: violence” 85. D. Trap – He is caught by the trap he set himself 86. B. No, No is what the Queen says right AFTER the King says “She sounds to see them bleed” 87. C. Laertes is saying that he wants to exchange forgiveness with Hamlet and that his death does not tarnish his soul 88. C. Kill himself 89. E. reputation of Hamlet himself 90. A. Calculating 91. D. Personification is in line 101...
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