Literature 3 - omniscient when the narrator knows what is...

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Literature continued falling action - climax is explained, characters express how they feel about the climax climax - highest point of the story, purpose of reading the story, a discovery is made resolution - characters return to as normal a life as possible theme - the "message" of the story indirect theme - when only after reading the entire story is it possible to figure out the theme direct theme - when the theme is stated directly in the story, an actual sentence or portion of the story is the theme point of view - the angle from which the story is told
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Unformatted text preview: omniscient - when the narrator knows what is happening to every character, all-knowing 1st person - when the narrator is telling the story from his/her point of view, the word "I" is present outside of quotes 3rd person - when the narrator is telling the story about one character that is not him/herself and is aware of other characters' actions and possibly their thoughts Flashback - when a portion of the story goes back in time Plot - the development of the story line from start to finish...
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