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Marissa Dueñas Kitses ENG 104 Misunderstandings often arise in the communication between husbands and wives. In their article, “Man to Man, Woman to Woman,” Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas talk about the problems and solutions that young married couples may run into, as does Joyce Maynard in her article, “His Talk, Her Talk.” I will discuss the problems that young married couples would run into in a marriage, the solutions to those problems, if whether the sources used are reliable and if the articles were reader friendly or not. Young married couples misunderstand each other for a variety of reasons. For their relationship to last, it would help of they had a little insight as to what causes their misunderstandings. Sherman and Haas say that “female friends report more talk than men about relationship problems, family, health and reproductive concerns, weight, food and clothing. Men’s talk is more likely than woman’s to be about music, current events and sports.” I find this very true considering the fact that I hang out with men a lot; they rarely talk about family or other concerns of life. They also say, “Women spoke of their same-sex conversations not as something they merely liked, but truly needed.” In this sense, I totally agree with this point because when I talk to other girls about my problems, they may have experienced something similar so it’s nice to have some insight, but not too much. They also say that “women are also far likelier than men to call up a friend just to talk.” More often than not, I see my mom pick up the phone to call my aunt just so they can catch up; rarely do I see my father do this. Generally, there are a lot of reasons why misunderstandings come about.
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Young married couples often run into problems and it is important for them to know of these problems so that if, or when, they happen to experience similar situations, they will have a better understanding of what to do. Maynard says that “there is such a thing as “men’s talk” or “women’s talk.”’ I agree with her because both sexes have a certain way of speaking within their own gender. She also said, “And it’s a
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english essay - Marissa Dueas Kitses ENG 104...

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