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Marissa Duenas ENG 104 Kitses I feel like the techniques taught were very helpful. Especially the matrix technique, where we’d put the quote on one side of the paper and our commentary on the other. I felt this was a really organized way of getting our thoughts onto paper. I think some of my commentary could have been more thought out, maybe. I feel like I procrastinated on the whole process. Even though I’d have the “draft” when it was due, I found that I lagged on waiting until last minute to actually write the paragraph. I remember we used a technique called clustering, and although I found it effective when we learned it in the classroom, I didn’t find myself having to use it in the process
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Unformatted text preview: of the development of my essay. Another technique we learned as a class, but I learned my junior year of high school, was annotation. This was where we would read a piece and as we read, we would mark the text, underlining important words, phrases or quotes that we thought were significant to what we would write later. The purpose of annotation is to remind yourself of what you read so that when you look at it later, you won’t have to reread every single detail over again, you would just have to look at your annotated notes in the margins....
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