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Marissa Duenas COMM 150 Horton Persuasive Discussion Paper I chose this topic because I have experience in swimming and I felt my persuasion would be more powerful because of that. i had a little trouble figuring out what my thesis statement was going to be, all the ideas for my thesis ended up becoming my main points in the speech, so I just needed to find a reason why those ideas were important. I just started out by researching the main ideas and just jotting those details down and citing them correctly. I put the story of the boy drowning at the end for a reason, I felt that I organized the speech according to how important they were, in terms of my thesis statement. I felt my presentation could have gone so much
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Unformatted text preview: better. I think I could have rehearsed more and I was kind of freaking out at the beginning of the class because it was 200 points. I think, the audience already knew the importance of swimming, so I don’t think they needed any persuading, but I f they didn’t know how important it was, then, yes, although I think my delivery could have been more effective. Next time, I will rehearse more. I think out of 100 points, I would rate myself in the low 70’s to high 60’s because I can tell that I wasn’t prepared when I was delivering and I was reading off my paper a lot....
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