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Life as a Teenager 1. What was your social and work life like as a teenager? 2. Where did you and your family live? What did you like about living there? 3. How are things different for women today than when you were a child or a young woman? 4. While you were growing up, what were the roles like for your father and mother? 5. How have you experienced this in your own life? 6. What were your best abilities? (hobbies, sports) 7. What were your preferences, your likes and dislikes? 8. What was fashion like when you were a teenager?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What was cool to wear, what were the trends? 10. At what age did you become a wife? What were your duties as a wife? 11. At what age did you start working? Was it common for women to work? 12. Did your family have any religious practices? If so, what type of practices? 13. How were you raised in comparison to your brothers? 14. Following up from the previous question, why do you think that was? 15. As you got older, how did you feel about anti-abortion/pro-life?...
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