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interview transcript

interview transcript - EDITED TRANSCRIPT Me So theres going...

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EDITED TRANSCRIPT Me: So there’s going be 15 questions. My first question for you is going to be about your life as a teenager. With that, what was your social and work life like as a teenager? Interviewee: Mm, my social life was [pause] at age 14, I think. I was able to hang out with my friends, but, my brother, he was in a band, and I wanted to be [pause] I wanted to go where he went and stuff. And my mom put her foot down. She said, no I can’t go because you know, they were out late and he was older and so yeah, she wouldn’t you know, let me go with him to that, but um, what was the other question? Me: Your work life? Interviewee: Work life, um, I didn’t start working until after I graduated high school. I didn’t have to; my mom didn’t want me to work. She wanted me to concentrate on school. Me: Ok, and where did you and your family live and what did you like about living there? Interviewee: [pause] Like, my – I was – my dad was in the service, so we kind of lived all over the place until I was 6. And then he retired from the service, um, then my parents bought a home in Fremont, California. And that’s where we lived until I got married…and moved out [chuckles] Me: Did you like anything in particular in Fremont, when you were living there? Interviewee: Yeah, it was quiet and a nice place to be, and [pause] it was just, it was nice, it was a nice city, to live in. Me: Okay, and how are things different for women today than when you were a child or a young woman? Like, what are your thoughts on how things have changed?
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Interviewee: [pause] Um, when I was growing up, [pause] we really didn’t, have to lock our doors, and be afraid and stuff, um, we had a visitor come, one of my cousins came from Texas, and she was surprised how, um, like at 10 at night, our doors weren’t locked. Me: Really? Interviewee: Yeah, yeah, because in Texas she said that there’s no way you could leave your door unlocked, but it was, that was the way, it was. It was a safe [pause] we were safe and that’s what I like about it. Me: So like, um, how did you see how women were treated like, like equally wise? Interviewee:
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interview transcript - EDITED TRANSCRIPT Me So theres going...

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