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Poli 260 - Week 1 (Lecture)

Poli 260 - Week 1 (Lecture) - evaluating creating(from...

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Poli Sci 260 Lecture 1 What is international politics? International politics is the study of relations between states. - Interaction can be violent (war) or peaceful/collaborative (trade) Why do wars begin? When are states more likely to cooperate with each other? How do countries get richer? (Trade, development, globalization) There is a need to simplify things; the world is a complex place. There is no shortage of information. Task: to make connections between seemingly disparate events. organize and utilize information Bloom’s Cognitive Hierarchy: remembering understanding applying analyzing
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Unformatted text preview: evaluating creating (from bottom to top) -Middle blocks: making connections-Blocks get smaller at the top as less people can fulfill these tasks How to make connections?-Begin with an issue/question/puzzle-Identify relevant objects (variables) o Who fights wars (states)? What do they use to fight wars (armies/tanks/planes)? o These are variables to the question “Why do wars begin”-Figure out how these objects interact (theory) o Do states fight when they are weaker or stronger?-Does this interaction occur in the real world (testing against history or ‘evaluation’)?...
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