Poli 260 - Week 3 (Tutorial)

Poli 260 - Week 3 (Tutorial) - (5 points 10 years 10 years...

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Poli 260 Week 3 Tutorial Prisoner’s Dilemma - How to negotiate and assess your needs with others’ needs 1) You and your colleague are in jail. 2) Isolated from each other and don’t know what the other is saying. 3) Police invite you to implicate the other (defect). 4) What happens to you depends on what both of you choose. Cooperate Defect Cooperate 5 years 5 years Fairly good – reward for mutual cooperation (3 points) 20 years 0 years Very bad – sucker’s payoff (0 points) Defect 0 years 20 years Very good – temptation
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Unformatted text preview: (5 points) 10 years 10 years Punishment for mutual cooperation (1 point) B A-Trust/reputation-Iterated play-Misinformation-Unequal information-Uncertainty-Individual incentives-Costs/gains-Self-interested/mutual benefit -Tit for Tat – changing your decision every time your partner changes his/her decision-Relative gains (for international scheme) point system is unbalanced -Fear-Coercion? -Absolute vs relative gains cooperate Poli 260 Week 3 Tutorial...
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Poli 260 - Week 3 (Tutorial) - (5 points 10 years 10 years...

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