Comm 296 - Chapter 8 (Lecture) 2

Comm 296 - Chapter 8 (Lecture) 2 - Comm 296 Chapter...

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Comm 296 Chapter 9 (Lecture) – Service Marketing Services Marketing - Services are the most important industry in Canada’s economy and includes: o Business services segment (for-profit companies) such as banks, airlines, hotels, real-estate firms o Government services, hospitals, military, police, Canada Post, schools, not-for-profit organizations o 70% GDP, 75% of Canada’s employment, over 50% of consumer spending - Consider 4 characteristics when designing services marketing programs: o Intangibility (cannot be seen, touched, heard, felt, smelled, tasted before purchase) – eg laser eye surgery o Variability (quality of services depends on who provides them and when, where and how) o Inseparability (cannot be separated from providers) o Perishability (cannot be stored for later use or sale) – eg airline ticket - Often require additional marketing approaches: o Service-profit chain: employee satisfaction = customer satisfaction = business performance o Internal marketing = employee motivation o Interactive marketing: quality interactions with customers (employees understand what is expected of them to deliver quality services to customers) - Service marketing faces 3 major tasks…to increase: o Service differentiation – more critical as services can be very similar o Service quality – always going to vary (strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction) o Service productivity – try to increase speed but while maintaining quality of service
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Comm 296 - Chapter 8 (Lecture) 2 - Comm 296 Chapter...

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