Comm 296 - Chapter 13 (Lecture)

Comm 296 - Chapter 13 (Lecture) - Comm 296 Chapter 13...

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Comm 296 Chapter 13 (Lecture) Promotion Objectives - Promotion objectives can be classified by purpose: o Informative communication o Persuasive communication o Reminder communication - AIDA model – promotion should move consumers toward action o Awareness (think) o Interest (feel) o Desire (feel) o Action (do) Push/Pull Strategies - Advertising to consumers is typically a pull strategy - Advertising to agents/traders is a push strategy (push product to intermediaries) - PR is a pull strategy Key PR Activities - Publicity (medial relations) o E.g. press releases, interviews, newsletters - Sponsorship: often combines PR with other promotional tools - Corporate communications: e.g. annual reports, corporate websites, investor relation (IR), lobbying - Special events: open houses, public meetings - About building good relations with various publics by obtaining favorable publicity and handling unfavorable rumors/events - Strongly impact public awareness at a much lower cost that advertising o There are costs to generate reports/sponsorships/events, but media that covers company PR is unpaid can yield spectacular results o But no control over results and the message that hits the airwaves (risk) o Play in an increasing brand building role Shaping the Overall Promotion Mix - Nature of public relations o Very believable o Reaches people who avoids salespeople and ads o Can dramatize a company or product o Tends to be used as an afterthought Becoming more prominent
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Comm 296 - Chapter 13 (Lecture) - Comm 296 Chapter 13...

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