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CS 4410 Operating Systems Prelim II, Fall 2010 Prof. Sirer Name:___________________________________ NETID:_________________ This is a closed book examination. It is 7 pages long. You have 120 minutes. No electronic devices may be used during the exam. If you are taking this exam during the makeup period, you may not leave the exam room prior to the end of the exam, and you may not take an exam booklet with you. You may use Python, C, or low-level pseudo-code in answer to any coding question. Descriptions written mostly in English will get no credit as responses to coding questions. Show your work for partial credit. Brevity is key. [15 points] 1. Synchronization Recall the dining philosophers problem, where every philosopher is modeled by a thread with a unique philosopher identifier between 0 and N. The correctness criteria for this problem are two-fold: SAFETY: Every philosopher must have exclusive access to a left and right chopstick prior to eating (i.e. executing the eat() routine below). PROGRESS: The philosophers make progress whenever it is possible to do so, without running into a deadlock condition. A semaphore-based solution for the dining philosophers problem is shown below. Recall that Python semaphores provide acquire() and release(), which are synonyms for P() and V(), and are initialized with an integer at the time of their creation. Describe if the code is correct or not. If it is incorrect, describe the problem(s) and provide a new version of the code that is correct. Your solution must use only semaphores for synchronization, and must not unnecessarily limit the concurrency at the philosophers' table. #create an array of chopsticks
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cs4410-fall2010-prelim2 - CS 4410 Operating Systems Prelim...

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