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k265qz8sp10 - 2 Quiz 8 ECE 265 Sp 10 l(4 Timing Recall that...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 . Quiz 8 ECE 265 Sp 10 l.(4) Timing. Recall that for our usual crystal, each cycle takes 0.5 microsec. How long does this code take to run? Show work for partial credit. Ld #7 L4) ' Loop Nip t1) X41” 7-L2’f1 ”V ’l‘ + fi) ] : 8| C3dcs Nop t2) \ Dey (4) x ' Bne loop (3> 81‘ 0.5 /.L5 = 4-0:” 2. (6) Write a complete program that reads a number from PortC WW and sets the MSB of Port B if the number from PortC is even and clears the MSB of Port B if the number is odd. All the bits of Port B, except for the MSB, should have 0’s written to them. The program should continue reading Port C and changing Port B continuously. Penn, Eclt) $(003 PoRTb Eat) $loo+ 0K0 $ 0 Start LDAA poem firm 9&1. ram EYWW,‘ 00D CLRfi 91 Mb PoRT (5 Farm SWW EVE“k LOAF; “750 ...
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