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Psych 311 Developmental Psych - Caitlin Dekker...

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Caitlin Dekker Developmental Psych Essay The first conventional assumption the authors make in their study is universalism. Universalism is the belief that the results of a study and subsequent findings can be applied to everyone and everything, regardless of context or culture. Throughout their study, the authors imply universalism mainly in how they believe their theory applies to all children. They state, “our results support the idea that testosterone may be a biological marker for aggression in pre- pubescent ontogenetic development stages.” (p. 757). With this statement, they assume that aggression levels for all children in the “pre-pubescent ontogenetic” stage are caused by the same things, no matter what culture, race, ethnicity, or context. Further, the authors even introduce their study by citing examples of animal studies in which androgen levels were linked with aggression. Completely disregarding context, the authors assume universalism because their results were generalized to all species, both animals and humans alike. Never do they mention that their results are limited to the particular children they studied or even to children in Spain. Rather, they assume their study generalizes to all pre-pubescent children and animals everywhere. As an alternative to universalism, the authors could conduct their study assuming
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Psych 311 Developmental Psych - Caitlin Dekker...

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