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Psych 311 Neuroscience essay - Caitlin Dekker Neuroscience...

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Caitlin Dekker Neuroscience Essay The most clear conventional assumption that the authors make in this article is materialism. Materialism assumes that all that matters is matter and context, agency, or other aspects of a human do not matter. The authors of this article conducted a meta-analysis of studies that looked at brain abnormalities to diagnose those with bipolar disorder (BD) more effectively. They discuss how their analysis supports “the neurobiological model of BD” and that “an imbalance between ventral-limbic and cortical-cognitive brain regions is a major marker of the disorder”. It is unfair to assume immediately that the authors do not consider other factors besides the brain to be involved in the diagnosis of BD. Because they use the term “major marker”, that could suggest other factors are considered important. However, the entire article only focuses on material causes for BD such as “limbic hyperactivation” and they only evaluate studies that researched neuroimaging or other similar material influences. Because of this lack of focus on other potential factors involved in BD, the authors assume materialism or the idea that
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Psych 311 Neuroscience essay - Caitlin Dekker Neuroscience...

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