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Psych 311 Social Psych essay - Caitlin Dekker Social...

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Caitlin Dekker Social Psychology Essay The conventional assumption of egoism in mainstream social psychology holds the belief that everything and everyone is a means to one’s selfish ends. “I” am at the center of everything and as such, I should be fulfilled in my life however I want. In their chapter on social psychology and mental health in Applied Social Psychology , Steg, Buunk, and Rothengatter assume egoism in their discussion of social comparison theory as applied to depression. They defend the position that “depressed individuals tend to interpret social comparison information in a less self-serving way than non-depressed individuals” (257). This quote exemplifies the assumption of egoism because they believe a person becomes depressed when their comparisons with others are not adequately fulfilling them or are making them feel “less attractive, less talented, weaker and less competent”. Obviously, comparing yourself to others in general is an egoistic idea because it places you at the center and all others are then relative to you. And because the depressed individuals are comparing themselves poorly, they are not achieving the fulfillment they need or
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Psych 311 Social Psych essay - Caitlin Dekker Social...

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