Psych 320 Mini Paper 3

Psych 320 Mini Paper 3 - Caitlin Dekker Lorelei Learns Life...

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Caitlin Dekker Lorelei Learns Life Lessons As children grow from 19 months to 6 years, they undergo countless physical, social, and emotional changes. The environment they are raised in and the unique parenting styles they face affect their development greatly. The development of my virtual child, Lorelei, was influenced by unique environmental events and parenting strategies specific to our family. Unfortunately for Lorelei, many environmental events have adversely affected her behavior. With my spouse’s job, we had to move several times, often to unsafe areas or smaller apartments. Lorelei had to make new friends and get acquainted to a new environment which is difficult for children, especially in learning to regulate emotions. Similar to adjusting to parental divorce, children need stability in their lives such as the same school, bedroom, and playmates in order to adjust well and develop appropriate emotional responses (Berk, 2012, p. 514). Thus, Lorelei’s struggle to obey rules and occassional aggression with peers at school could be related to moving often. In addition, Lorelei’s baby sister was born when she was 3 years old leading to jealousy by suddenly having to divide her parents’ attention. Both children have shown negative
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Psych 320 Mini Paper 3 - Caitlin Dekker Lorelei Learns Life...

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