Psych 399R Book Review

Psych 399R Book Review - Happiness Can be Found Caitlin...

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Happiness Can be Found Caitlin Dekker Psych 399R
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While reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, I found many similarities between the suffering that the characters experienced and the family problems I have observed at my internship at The Family Academy. Zusak created a touching story that inspires readers to search for the good left in the world amidst overwhelming tragedy. Through his unique character relationships, Zusak’s novel depicts struggles and themes relatable to working with families at The Family Academy. In The Book Thief, Zusak portrays the hardship, fear, and suffering of a family in a small town in Germany during World War II. As Death narrates the story, he follows the life of Liesel, who was recently separated from her mother shortly after witnessing the death of her brother. She goes to live with the Hubermanns where Hans (Daddy) teaches her how to read using the book she stole from her brother’s burial and Rosa (Mommy) teaches her to cook, but mostly just scares Liesel with her temper. Liesel develops a deep attachment to Hans and to reading, finding comfort and value in words. She steals books several more times throughout the novel, even one book from the Mayor’s wife who generously allowed Liesel to browse her library. At one point, Hans agrees to hide Max, a Jew, in his home and Liesel grows very close to him as they share
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Psych 399R Book Review - Happiness Can be Found Caitlin...

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