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Determinism: “Cognitive therapy is essentially a method that identifies thoughts that produce negative or painful feelings, as well as result in maladaptive behavior or reactions. Beck discovered that the primary point of intervention was at the level of a person's thoughts, and that if changes are made in thinking (automatic thoughts, assumptions and core beliefs), changes in emotions and behavior will follow.” According to this quote, Beck believes that we are determined by a cause and effect relationship between our thoughts and behaviors. Thus, we are determined by our negative thoughts to act in
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Unformatted text preview: a certain way. If we change these thoughts we will be able to change our behavior. Hedonism: “Furthermore, behavioral techniques and strategies are employed as needed to enhance the treatment outcome (i.e., anger management , relaxation training, graduated exposure to feared situations, assertiveness training). The course of treatment is typically brief, and people usually experience relatively rapid relief and enduring progress.”...
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