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Sabrina Baez KINE 198 April 14, 2011 Design a Workout Design a Workout Person - Male, 6’2”, 165, moderately active, former baseball player, has never done a triathlon. Goal of Fitness Program – To complete a triathlon, increase endurance in running, swimming and biking, increase muscle strength. Fitness Program – 1). Stretch thoroughly, with emphasis on calves, hamstrings, thighs, and glutes. 2). Warm up - run at 50% for 25 minutes. 3). Begin with 1-7-1 lunge sequence – recovery 45 seconds, 3 sets of 20 calve lifts with 125lbs recovery 1 minute, then 3 sets of 20 back squats with 100lb bar recovery 1 minute. 4). 4 sets of 15 military press with 150lbs 1 min. recovery,
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Unformatted text preview: 4 sets of 15 bent row with 50lb weight – 2 sets on each side recovery 1 min. Lat pull down 3 sets of 30 50lbs 1 minute recovery. 5). 4 sets of 30 russian twist 30 sec. recovery, 4 sets 30 suitcase crunch 30 sec. recovery, 4 sets 30 toe touch 30 sec. recovery, one 1 min and 30 sec plank. 6). Cool down – run 25% 15 minutes. • Why these exercises – I chose exercises that work all the main muscles you need in a triathlon. The leg series for the bike and the running portions of the race and for muscle strength, and the arm and abs series for the swimming portion. The running is to warm up the body and cool it down, and also for endurance....
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