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eng 203 young goodman brown - Sabrina Baez English 203 A...

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Sabrina Baez English 203 October 16 2009 A Close Reading on “Young Goodman Brown” The Story of Goodman Brown revolves around the cryptic nightmare of a young puritan man, whose mind gets tormented upon seeing his trusted townspeople and love of his life participate in evil wrongdoings led by the devil. What he doesn’t know is that while he judges his fellow townspeople, he himself may be participating in the thing he so vehemently tries to resist. By leaving his faith behind and by following the path of the devil, Brown has turned his back on God and whether he intends to put his trust in the devil doesn’t really matter because he has already made the decision to leave Faith. The story starts off with Goodman Brown leaving his wife Faith behind to begin his journey. Faith, Brown’s “sweet and pretty wife” begs him not to leave her recalling a disturbing dream “A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts” (Hawthorne 391). Faith in this story symbolizes just what her name means, hope. Faith represents hope in that she is pure and untouched by evil, Brown himself even calls her a “blessed angel on earth” (Hawthorne 391). Goodman Brown’s wife gives him hope in humanity because things that are evil cannot possibly touch Faith; she is too pure and blessed. She is the good and innocence behind this tale of evil, and ironically Brown leaves her behind to move forward on the path to darkness “He had taken a dreary road, darkened by all the gloomiest trees in the forest” (Hawthorne 391-92). The man Brown meets to begin his journey is actually the devil. Upon meeting him the devil says he is
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eng 203 young goodman brown - Sabrina Baez English 203 A...

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