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Waiting for Godot I chose the Character Vladimir, also called Didi from the play Waiting for Godot, to do a character analysis on. Vladimir is the one who insists Estragon wait with him for Mr. Godot. They are both shabby bums, however Vladimir seems smarter than Estragon, some might say he is the brain and Estragon is the body. At one point Estragon gets on Vladimir’s case for not being there when he got beaten, but Vladimir says that if he got beaten he must have deserved it. He then goes on to admit that if he had been around to be Estragon’s conscience, Estragon wouldn’t have done anything bad in the first place. Vladimir, who is always messing with his hat, is restless, unlike Estragon who remains seated most of the time.
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Unformatted text preview: This could represent Vladimirs uneasiness and need for stability. Instead of contemplating on bodily things such as physical pain or hunger, he thinks about religious and philosophical matters. He feels guilty for sleeping while others were in misery. However he is also full of pride getting mad at Estragon for eating the left over bones. Vladimir represents the essence of mankind. Most people, including myself can identify with him. He is lazy yet guilty, full of pride, and although he ponders about things that are higher than him his personal status gives him concerns of a different matter....
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