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eng 231 response paper 1 - Sabrina Baez Eng 231 1 October...

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Sabrina Baez Eng. 231 1 October 2009 The Tale of Two Women The societal status of women has come a long way over time. Nowadays women are regarded as pretty much equal to men. However, it has been a long struggle with many obstacles for women to get to this place. In the medieval times equality between men and women was practically non existent. Women were seen as child bearers and housekeepers, pretty much the property of their children and husbands. With the exception of a courageous few, most men and women accepted and embraced this patriarchal mind set. Yet some like Geoffrey Chaucer and Margery Kempe attempted to defy these constraints of women’s stereotypes whether intentionally or unintentionally. Both Chaucer and Kempe redefined women as strong, independent, intelligent, and basically the complete opposite of the typical description of medieval women. Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale” and Kempe’s own personal “Book of Margery Kempe” both recollect the stories of brave and headstrong women that defy men and their ideals on women. To some Margery Kempe was a religious fanatic, a crazy woman who had hallucinations of Christ. To others however, she was a devoted and charitable follower of Christ some even thought of her as a holy woman. It was mostly men who viewed Kempe as a disobedient lunatic. Even her own husband questioned her devotion only because she put that before her duty as a wife to have sex with him “Ye are no good wife” (Kempe NP). This is important because many
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eng 231 response paper 1 - Sabrina Baez Eng 231 1 October...

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