eng 231 Response Paper #2

eng 231 Response Paper #2 - Response Paper #2 Two texts...

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Response Paper #2 Two texts that fulfill Sir Phillip Sidney’s definition of great poetry are Aemilia Lanyer’s Eves Apology and William Shakespeare Sonnet 130: My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun. Both of these poems occupy the dual purpose of teaching and delighting the reader. In both poems the authors use detailed imagery to capture the reader and then give them a lesson to be learned. Amelia Lanyer’s poem gives the audience an in depth explanation mixed with witty remarks and thoughts that make the audience look back at religious history and reevaluate why women should be forgiven of their original crime it especially delights the female reader because of its feministic approach. William Shakespeare’s poem engages the reader with the crude description of his lover, yet even though he starts off his poem being cruel towards his mistress he ends it with describing the real reason why he loves her, thus teaching the reader that it is the non physical love that is the most valuable kind of love. Amelia Lanyer’s works give the impression that she is a 17 th century feminist on a mission to clear the slate for women. In Eve’s Apology Amelia starts off the poem by describing the circumstances in which women could have benefitted humanity. Lanyer recalls the story of Pontius Pilate who ignored his wife’s plea to free Jesus, thus sending an innocent man and the “Savior” to his death. Lanyer explains how it’s not right that women must suffer because of men’s mistakes “Let not us women glory in men’s fall” (Lanyer line 15). Lanyer also goes on to say that the original sin that Eve was blamed for is technically not her fault, and that really Adam should be held at higher responsibility for the crime. Lanyer brings up a good point that the serpent deceived Eve
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eng 231 Response Paper #2 - Response Paper #2 Two texts...

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