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Don’t Cry for Her Argentina Born in 1922, one of five Eva Peron lived most of her life “Under a cloud of illegitimacy” Child of a rancher and his side mistress She was denied entry by her father’s Real wife, at her own Papa’s funeral Ever ambitious she made the brave move To the bright city of Buenos Aires Yearning for a life beyond a peasants She made her mark in radio and TV She used the bedroom to get her way with Her many suitors; but only one would Bring her to glory; Juan Peron was him A fast rising Politician, they met At a charity event for victims Of an Earthquake. Two years than they married Eva was with him as his first lady Being the president’s wife gave her full Power to do what she loved; help the poor “Charity was her middle name” her passion “Evita” was what they called her.
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Unformatted text preview: She was Their heroine, ready to fight for them Till death, giving her all for her countrymen And for the women she got them a voice In 1950, under Evita Women were allowed to vote for the first time Answer violence with violence she once said She got things done all the while maintaining Her charisma and style. Feisty-ness She was the child, the voice, the lover Of her beautiful Argentina She did not ever stop even in the Face of death, uterine cancer took her She remains in the heart of her country Independent and successful woman Her name brought hope to the lowly masses So dont cry for her Argentina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Per%C3%B3n http://www.paralumun.com/warevaperon.htm http://movies.universal-pictures-international-germany.de/evita/eva/EvaBio.html...
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