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Reader Response Long Time Ago Good #3 The last bunch of stories from Lowell White’s collection are a little more depressing and gritty then the first. In “Dry Line” a man feels frustrated at work because of his annoying coworker Debbie Peterson. She is always talking about gypsies, reincarnation, or her daughter. No matter how much she talks though she always seems to get more work done than he does. On the day that the man finally gets his nameplate he also gets fired for not being as hardworking or “perfect” as Debbie. The man is frustrated and to top it all off the world outside is covered in smog. “Wildlife Rehabilitation” is about a man’s neighbors Vernon and Merrill and how there rescued eagle kills his companion and beloved cat Festus. Before the incident he was good friends with his neighbors they helped him out when his wife died of cancer and they even had him over for dinner. Festus was the man’s cat whom his sick wife rescued before she passed away. The man did not like him at first but grew to become friends with the cat, a sort of support
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