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eng 235 Reader Response man in the black suit

eng 235 Reader Response man in the black suit - Even though...

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Reader Response: Stephen King’s The Man in the Black Suit The Man in the Black Suit reminded me a lot of “Young Goodman Brown” and Brown’s interaction with the old man who turns out to be the devil. In this story a young boy is the main character, whose brother just recently died because of a bee sting. He goes fishing and falls asleep and when he wakes up, there is a bee flying overhead. He gets scared because he has the same allergy as his deceased brother, but a mysterious man wearing a suit kills the bee for him. The man is described to have burning eyes like there is a fire inside of him. You find out that the reason for this is because he is the devil. The devil tells the boy terrible things like his mother had died, and that he was going to eat him. The boy gets away by throwing fish at the devil but the devil just swallows them whole and chases the boy until he gets to the end of the forest.
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Unformatted text preview: Even though he got away the boy is troubled by this for the rest of his life, he prays every night to God but worries that in the end the devil will finally get him. This story is so sad to me. The young boy is innocent and he just lost his brother, and the devil has no reason to be coming after him. It’s sad that the boy has to worry about this constantly throughout his life. Even though he worships God and lives mostly in good morals, he is constantly worrying that when he dies he will have to face the devil. In a way it was like a test and even though the boy got away he still kind of failed because he doesn’t have enough faith in himself to know that if he is worshipping God and doing the right thing the devil cannot get him....
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