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Reader Response: Flannery O’Connor Temple of the Holy Ghost Flannery O’Connor uses a young girl to express her emotions over the importance of our bodies being the temple of God. You learn that unlike her immature cousins; Susan and Joanne, she is wiser than her years thanks to the Catholic upbringing she has. You don’t really get to know about the young girl, they never mention her name or what she looks like, but you do know that she accepts and flourishes in her faith. The story line in commendable but O’Connor should have introduced you more to the young girl, what was she feeling, what were her thoughts. I come from a Catholic family so I am well aware of the differences there are between Catholics and other denominations. I was often questioned by other non Catholic friends about why we kneel, or why are Catholics so strict. These memories were brought back to me when the girls
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Unformatted text preview: had the encounter with the Wilkinses boys, when they thought her singing was “Jew Singing”. Throughout the story you can see that the young girl is not completely knowledgeable about her faith but she is willing to do anything for it. You can see that O’Connor is pushing back at all the societal ideas that innocence and goodness is weak, the young, immature cousins mocking of the nun who gave them the non effective advice to warn away lustful men, those are the ideas that O’Connor is trying to revolt against. Catholics hold a large emphasis on keeping your body pure until marriage. However this is mostly emphasized for young girls. I always thought it was unfair that if a man did not remain celibate until marriage it was a slap on the wrist, but if a woman did not remain celibate until marriage then she was a slut....
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