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Reader Response Writer in the Family In E.L. Doctorow’s Writer in the Family , a boy’s aunts ask him to write letters to their mother in the name of his dead father. Jonathan the young boy must write notes to his paternal grandmother telling her that her son is in Arizona. The aunts do this because they don’t want their mother to think her son died a failure. So Jonathan makes it seem that hid deceased father Jake, is thriving in Arizona. The grandmother thinks her son is making up for all his failed business investments so she stays happy, but in reality her son is dead and he never really accomplished much. I think this story is depressing and is just spelling out future depression for the poor boy whom
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Unformatted text preview: has to pretend to be his dead father. Through the process of writing for his dad, the boy realizes what a loser his dad was which no child should ever have to do. The boy makes up these elaborate stories for his dad and puts him in such a good light. Maybe he is writing about things he wished his father would have accomplished. You can tell he loves his family and he wants to protect his father’s pride but in a sense it’s tearing him up inside because he thinks he is doing the right thing but he is lying and making his father into something he wasn’t....
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