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eng 235 short story

eng 235 short story - I Owe it All to Braces Mrs Franco can...

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I Owe it All to Braces “Mrs. Franco can I see you in my office for a quick chat?” Dr. Greenberg said as he smiled at me waiting in the orthodontist chair. Although he was smiling with his mouth his eyes told a different story, the story of concern. It was a look my mom, with all of her maternal instincts, could distinguish right away as she got up and walked slowly towards the office with a paled expression. Thirty minutes, and countless expired magazines later I started pacing, my ten year old self was getting antsy. Finally they came out and I could immediately tell from my mom’s red puffy eyes that something was definitely wrong. We left the orthodontists office in silence, but as soon as we got in the car I exploded with “What is going on mommy!” She tried to calmly explain that the doctor had noticed something funny in the x-ray of my jaw and that my highly anticipated plan to get braces was going to be put on hold. “WHAAAAT!! But I’ve been waiting forever, Chelsea already has hers!” I whined. Finally my mom’s cool exterior began to quaver “Stella you’re going to have surgery tomorrow to make sure you don’t have…cancer” she said with her last word shivering. I knew what cancer was, or at least at ten I had an idea. It was some bad disease that old people got before they died. Needleless to say I was not convinced by this prognosis “Pshh that’s dumb I don’t have cancer, I feel fine”. That night in the Franco household was definitely tense. I didn’t get to eat dinner because of the pre-surgery procedures. My parents were having a “discussion” with their door closed, which meant it was super important. I couldn’t sleep at all that night partly because I was starving, but partly because I couldn’t figure out what I was being punished for. I had been nice
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to my little brothers all week; I was doing well in school, I was dumbfounded. My mom woke me up at the crack of dawn the next morning. My dad gave me the biggest hug ever and said “I love you mama, good luck”. This kind of affection from my usually tough as nails father, was slightly unnerving. “Alex, Joey tell your sister you love her, she’s going into surgery today” my mom said to my little brothers as they both hugged me looking impressed. When we got to the hospital the butterflies in my stomach turned into marching elephants. The nurse inserted an IV and gave me an orange hospital bracelet. The last thing I remember before the doctor put me under anesthesia was my mom squeezing my hand with tears in her eyes. I woke up in my uncle’s old room at my grandma’s house. We were living there for the summer while waiting for our new house to be built. When I first opened my eyes I was extremely disoriented and I felt nauseous and stiff. “Don’t sit up too fast pimpollito” my nonna said, the name my Italian grandmother
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eng 235 short story - I Owe it All to Braces Mrs Franco can...

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