eng 235 The Tripod

eng 235 The Tripod - As you age Life gets harder We grow...

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The Tripod By Sabrina Baez We sit here laughing We have been best friends for years Telling old stories Carefree first graders Walking round that orange track Rocky gravel path Seven years in age “What did you eat for breakfast?” We have no worries Chelsea; blonde, blue eyes The All-American girl Brown Penny Loafers Olivia; tall And goofy like a Giraffe She wears Blue Converse Me; short, athletic I am the brunette Tomboy I wear Tennis Shoes Imaginations Are endless; pirates, witches The Queens of first grade In our own small world We play games on the green hill Speaking our own tongue I am the tough one Chelsea is the Drama Queen Olive is neutral We are so different The unexpected Trio It doesn’t matter When children are young
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Unformatted text preview: As you age Life gets harder We grow differently We have different lives We go to different schools Different backgrounds Without noticing, We begin to separate In our own small cliques Tragedies reel us In, we lean on each other That’s what Sisters do Family passings Divorce. Things kids should not know So we Reconnect We are the Tripod Nobody understands us We are whole again College separates Too many states in between Love Technology We stay in touch Facebook, Skype, Cell phones We are far yet close Our Friendship is like That circular track around Elementary It’s Never ending They are my long lost Sisters We are the Tripod...
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eng 235 The Tripod - As you age Life gets harder We grow...

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