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eng 235 They Thought They Found Freedom

eng 235 They Thought They Found Freedom - May 1865 Douglass...

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They Thought They Found Freedom They were waiting for their freedom to come They had seen their families torn apart They had been second class citizens They had been abused and tormented The whites had taken them from their homes Far away from their exotic birth place Where there were numerous miles of freedom Where they were their own masters in life Many years of hard work with little fun On December 1865 Finally things would change for the better The ratification of that law Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution Reconstruction in the south. Will it change? For the eleven confederate states Will the racist southerners let them be free? The answer to this is the Black Codes Land denied, fines and taxes required Despite the Republicans strong efforts Loyal confederates still owned the South
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Unformatted text preview: May 1865 Douglass replies "Slavery is not abolished until… … the black man has the ballot.” True words said Abolitionist Frederick Douglass Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner Fought against Andrew Johnson and the Dems. Their efforts brought about two new changes Freedmen’s Bureau Bill and Civil Rights Bill Does this help them? Do they find their freedom? They will face struggles in the near future Segregation and Inequality They will eventually find a hero But until then they must suffer under The heavy fist of the white Southerners They thought they found freedom in the thirteenth. http://www.history.rochester.edu/class/douglass/part5.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_United_States http://www.liu.edu/cwis/CWP/library/aaslavry.htm...
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