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eng 374 taming of the shrew

eng 374 taming of the shrew - it is in the woman’s best...

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PICK ONE CHARACTER: what were the major desires, goals, objectives, and motivations of your chosen character? How did these help you understand the meaning of the text? Was the character realistic, symbolic, totally divorced from reality, etc.? Did you identify with this character? If so, describe this character and explain why you identified with him or her. Taming of the Shrew Character Analysis: Katherina The character that I found most interesting in the play was Katherina. She was a very headstrong and modern kind of woman. All her ranting and raving shows that women too can express their anger and emotion and don’t have to hold it in and be dainty. Her main goal was to remain unmarried and free, much to the dismay of her younger sister Bianca and her father Baptista. She does not want to become just another subordinate wife and I believe she is trying to show her slightly immature sister and old fashioned father that it is ok to be a single woman. I believe Shakespeare meant this play to have a misogynist view point, showing the audience that
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Unformatted text preview: it is in the woman’s best interest to be obedient in a male dominated society. However, from my point of view even though eventually at the end she gives a long speech on how a woman should obey and live for her husband, I feel she was only doing that to get her way in the relationship with Petruchio. Katherina’s characteristics are much like the characteristics of women today which is why I identify with her so much, she is independent and voices her opinions no matter what, but she also knows how to use her womanly charms to get what she wants. She uses the obedience technique only at the end because she realizes that her being obedient is Petruchio’s weak spot and thus she gets what she desires. Towards the end she realizes that she is falling for Petruchio, probably because their personalities are much alike, so she does what she feels is in her best interest, which is making Petruchio feel dominant....
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