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eng 386 heinemann final essay - Sabrina Baez ENG 386 May 5...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 386 May 5, 2011 Final Essay Final essay Blood, sweat, pain, tears, guts, and glory, what do all of these things have in common one might ask? These are all of the elements involved with doing an extreme race, from sprint triathlons to the extremely challenging Tough Mudder and all of the heart pounding, dirt eating, and muscle burning races in between. So why would any sane being want to put their minds and bodies through the ringer to do these intense races? Some do it for the physical benefits, some do it for the emotional benefit, and some do it because they’re bored and need a good challenge. My reasons for participating in these potentially harmful to your health races are a combination of all these things. The ultimate reason why I have made these crazy races my hobby is to prove to the world/ my family/ myself that I can do it, and be able to say “IN YOUR FACE HATERS!” to all of the non believers. It is also a good way to bring spontaneity and adventure to my normally routine life and of course it doesn’t hurt that training for and doing these races keeps me in good shape and makes me athletically inclined like the rest of my super freak athlete family. First a little background into why I am obsessed with being respected as an athlete. My whole family is what one might say a “Sporty Family”. Both of my younger brothers and my dad are very good soccer players, and my mom is a serial marathon runner. Back in the day I Baez 2
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was definitely the black sheep, focusing more on being a bookworm than a jock. Of course that made things kind of difficult in the family bonding department. When we’d all go on vacation my family would find the most adventurous and physically challenging thing for us to do possible and all I would want to do is sit in a nice quiet place and read my book, so of course I would always be left out of the equation. Finally once middle school began and my once academic/ friends with everyone world of elementary school faded into a clique or die system, I decided to go the route of a jock. It’s not that I wasn’t athletic I had always been a tomboy and never afraid to get dirty it’s just that in the past making sports my life like the rest of my family didn’t interest me. However in middle school I discovered that as a girl in athletics you must be good to be respected otherwise you’re just a wannabe. So of course I tried out for the sports I knew I could do best; cross country, swimming, and soccer. The soccer gene runs naturally in my family made up of South Americans and Italians so it wasn’t long until I found my niche on the soccer team. I had swam in a summer league all of my life so swimming wasn’t hard to pick up either. Running on the other hand was a freaking nightmare.
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eng 386 heinemann final essay - Sabrina Baez ENG 386 May 5...

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