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eng 386 model instance

eng 386 model instance - Sabrina Baez ENG 386 Model...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 386 March 22, 2011 Model Instance Model Instance Your alarm is going off, so you reach over and groggily try to silence the annoyingly loud AT&T tone. You swing your legs out first followed by the rest of your limbs. You walk out of your room carefully avoiding mirrors or any reflective surfaces that will show your true morning form. All you need right now is, that sweet, bold, satisfying burst of caffeine. I don’t mean just any old cup of American coffee; I’m talking about that rich, aromatic espresso preferably from somewhere in South America. Now since you are barely awake you don’t want to shock your palette with a straight shot of espresso so the drink of choice for that morning beverage is a cappuccino. Different people like their cappuccinos in different ways. I prefer mine in my favorite pig adorned mug with light foam, lots of sugar, and not a lot of milk; I like it strong and sweet just like my men. My Italian grandfather likes his prepared just like how they do it in the
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