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eng 431 Chaucer research paper

eng 431 Chaucer research paper - Sabrina Baez English 431...

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Sabrina Baez English 431 Professor Wollock The Youngest Nun Many have heard the stories of the infamous women of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”. You have the Wife of Bath and the Prioress, representing two different angles of womanhood, there is also the Second Nun focusing mainly on religion. However, there is another less heard of female pilgrim. It is the youngest woman, not quite an official nun but a canoness. Sitting quiet and listening to the other pilgrims, she blends in with the background trying not to be seen or heard, for she is a seventeen year old runaway attempting to escape the oppressive reins of marriage. She is known only as Angelique. She caters to the Prioress and the Second Nun almost as their lady in waiting. She is petite and pretty with long brown hair and flushed cheeks, yet she has fierceness in her stormy grey eyes that no one can explain. Perhaps it is her youth and curiosity that causes this glimmer. What the others don’t know is that the fire in her eyes is merely stark determination to remain independent. This young woman is not like most her age. Instead of wishing for her prince charming to whisk her away on his white horse, she would rather take that white horse on an adventure of her own. Angelique dreams not of pretty wedding dresses and handsome suitors, but of swordfights and battles against dragons and other competitors. It was these silly dreams that got her in the trouble she is in. When her parents tried to commit her to marriage she stole away in the night never turning back.
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The life of manor wife was not for her. To be married to the sixty – seven year old Duke Orwick, who was blind in one eye and known for his violent temper would have been a death sentence for her. The night before the arranged wedding, Angelique crept out of her room into the cold night and rode off on her trusty steed, wearing her brother’s clothes with her long hair tucked underneath a hat she was not stopped at all through the day. Because she left so promptly and without much planning, Angelique had no money and only the clothes on her back to keep her warm. Her only option for food besides begging was to steal it. Being the feisty young thing that she was she saw this as a good challenge, little did she know she was about to steal from a church kitchen. The Second Nun was the first to see the little skinny dirty creature trying to steal the communion bread. Being the good Christian that she was the nun didn’t scold the child but merely took its hand and led it to the washroom. It was only then that she realized the little scoundrel was actually a young lady. Despite her feminine and elegant appearance the girl was certainly a handful. She refused to get cleaned and cursed the nun for trying to get her to wear a dress. Finally after the girl had calmed down and gotten some food in her she began to open up and told the nun of her predicament.
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