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Final prospectus eng 481

Final prospectus eng 481 - Sabrina Baez ENG 481 Final...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 481 11/28/2011 Final Prospectus The Inconsistencies of Paul as Seen and Heard in his Dialogue and Written Word. Much of what is taught out of the Bible is somehow related to Paul, whether it is his speeches or his letters. This project will explore the contradictions and inconsistencies within Paul’s rhetoric and speeches to find out if he is a reliable messenger and source of God’s wisdom. Throughout the course every time we would discuss Paul and his letters, there were always contradicting ideas and messages. Paul is never clear exactly how the message should be interpreted, and it is also hard to specify which group he is talking to. He never employs just one type of rhetoric in his speeches and letters but rather jumps around using different types and sometimes even referring back to himself instead of to the audience. To research Paul’s inconsistencies I will study the different kinds of rhetoric he uses in his different speeches and letters.
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