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POLS 206 notes - II US Constitution*Articles of...

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II. US Constitution *Articles of Confederation- created a weak National government Summer Convention of 1787: against amendments of Articles/ Congress hosted James Madison, VA A. The “Madisonian Dilemma” a. Need for a stronger central government a.i. Major consensus a.ii. Never a monarchy ideal government a.iii. *government that would govern for the consent of the governed b. A good government that would protect natural rights c. People should have the liberty to pursue natural rights d. Assumed people were selfish by nature d.i. Locke and Hobbs d.i.1. “What was it like before central government?” d.i.1.a. “State of Nature-complete freedom” d.i.2. Locke- Docile human beings as long as basic needs are met d.i.3. Hobbs- state of nature was the state of war; protect people from themselves e. How can self-interested individuals administering stronger government powers be prevented from using powers to destroy freedom that government is supposed to protect? B. Solution to Dilemma*Federalist #51 a.i. “ambition to counteract ambition” b. Written document b.i. Parchment: powers and limits written down b.i.1. Stop lights: don’t physically restrain from running red lights b.i.2. Constitutional Government: Limited government with effective restraints b.i.2.a. Do not have to be written b.i.2.a.i. Great Britain/UK c. Republican (Representative) Government c.i. Representatives serve a fixed term, are evaluated and are interchanged
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POLS 206 notes - II US Constitution*Articles of...

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