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Unformatted text preview: Classroom Contribution #5 “And the Band Played On” 1). It is problematic that the doctors initially called the AIDS epidemic “Gay Related Immune Deficiency” because this just gave society extra incentive to ostracize homosexual people. Many heterosexual people began to turn it around on the homosexual community saying that they deserved it because at this time and probably for the rest of human history being homosexual is seen in a negative light. Just because people are more “tolerant” of this life choice today it will always be seen as a bad connotation. By labeling the disease in this manner the whole of society was pretty much blaming homosexuals for the spread and death toll of this epidemic, when in fact it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is because the disease was spread through heterosexual and homosexual blood or bodily fluids. 2). Many men refused to be tested for the AIDS virus for fear that either they would have the disease and be blamed for spreading it thus the deaths from it, or because they didn’t want to...
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