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Sabrina Baez 10/11/2010 Gender Tango Assignment 1). Elisabeth Bandinter argues that women have power because they have the ability to procreate and to decide when to procreate. 2). The pageant mom explains that the reason she puts her daughter in pageants is because she as a young girl, never had the opportunity to go to dance lessons or singing lessons or anything of that nature, so she is going to give her daughter everything she didn’t have. She also says it’s because pageants are mother daughter bonding time. 3). Dorothy Tipton had to pretend to play jazz because the era in which she was playing was notorious for segregation and prejudice and no one would have ever take a female jazz musician seriously. Jazz was not for “good girls”.
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Unformatted text preview: She kept her deception going as “Billy” until the day she died. 4). Don Conway – Long says the reason women live longer than men is because men have this need to engage in dangerous masculine acts which increases the risk of death. 5). I believe what the student was trying to say is that typical gender roles can be destroyed. Women don’t have to be homemakers and mother’s and men don’t have to be super masculine breadwinners there is no law against a person deciding he or she can behave however they feel like it according to gender identity a man can act like a woman and a woman can act like a man. They can never switch sex without surgery because it is biologically impossible, but they can switch gender....
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