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sociology notes 205 - 10/6 Poverty Poverty Index not...

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10/6 Poverty Poverty Index – not adequate diet for extended time, assumes poor people have nutritional knowledge, cost of food varies by neighborhood (more in inner city), higher cost of transportation in rural areas US poverty in 2009 – about 15% of population 43.5 million, 12.5% of families Severe poverty - below 50% - 6.3% (19 million) Near poor – below 12.5% - 18.7% (57 million) 20% or 1/5 of children in poverty Ages 18-64 – 12.9% 65 and older 6.9% - social security South has highest poverty, North East has lowest Native born have low poverty rate, naturalized citizens even lower, illegal citizens = 25% Blacks and Hispanics under 1.0 poverty line = 25%, under 1.25 = 32% Married couples = 5.8% Single males = 16.9% Single females = 30% Female poverty - increasing females and their children, high divorce, single mothers (never married), female headed single parent household 10/11 Social Class habitus – social class attitudes and perceptions developed over time, ambition (reflects perceived probability of achievement, lower classes lack understanding of relevant education, only get opportunities for low level jobs
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sociology notes 205 - 10/6 Poverty Poverty Index not...

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