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soiology notes 205 - 10/25 US has lower rates of health...

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10/25 US has lower rates of health compared to other industrialized nations (work stress) = Americans work 40 hours a week, we work more than any other nation, less sick leave less vacation, sedentary lifestyles - easy transportation, diet/obesity = higher cost of medicare and health insurance Inequality in health = poor have 2x infant mortality rate, life expectancy is 7-10 yrs less gap is increasing , poor quality shelter, pollution exposure, less healthy, diets, less access to super market, risky jobs, crime ridden neighborhoods, lack of regular physician, use emergency rooms for most health care, lack of preventative care, US vs. other OECD countries has fewer physicians hospital stays in US are less frequent and shorter but more expensive Entrepreneurial health care system – supply and demand (greater demand), aging population, group insurance and gov. insurance have increased health care demand Specialization – high technology in terms of treatment companies must recap development costs , malpractice lawsuits Problems with Medicaid – government payments for health care minimal, many doctors wont take it, need transportation to places who take Medicaid, “Medicaid mills” SCHIP – children Medicaid, depends on state, Texas cut this! Adults more likely to be insured
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soiology notes 205 - 10/25 US has lower rates of health...

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