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weekly paper #4 Eng 346

weekly paper #4 Eng 346 - Sabrina Baez ENG 346 Weekly...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 346 10/13/2011 Weekly Page #4 (Revision) Charlotte Smith’s “To the Moon” After reading Charlotte Smith’s “To the Moon” I concluded that the poem is not necessarily an ode to the giant sphere itself but also a political statement, emphasizing the depression and oppression of people, specifically women in 18th century England. Charlotte Smith was a feminist and radical thinker of her time. She often wrote melancholy poems to ˡ represent the state of society around her. “To the Moon” sounds more like a subtle political protest than an ode to nature. Charlotte Smith uses this sonnet to emphasize the struggle of women in her time period. Instead of seeking comfort out of a “traditional Judeo-Christian tradition, these women seek a symbolic Goddess”, a rebellion against using a man to solve problems, Charlotte Smith seeks a feminine solution. (Thierfelder 33). Smith commonly uses melancholy language to produce feelings of the depression and oppression of women in her works. Phrases that contain
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