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weekly paper #5 Eng 346

weekly paper #5 Eng 346 - Sabrina Baez ENG 346 Weekly...

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Sabrina Baez Baez 1 ENG 346 10/6/2011 Weekly Paper #5 John Clare’s “The Thrush’s Nest” Many of John Clare’s poems relate to nature and have a romantic theme to them drawing imagery and sensitivity to the world around him. However unlike poets such as Keats and Wordsworth, instead of trying to connect as one with nature, John Clare is simply observing and taking in the beauty of the animals and nature he lives with. Many romantic poets of that time, who wrote about nature and animals, always seemed to try to find meaning behind it and sometimes overlooked the simplicity of nature. John Clare helps his readers to understand that nature is a powerful thing, and sometimes there is no meaning behind it, nature is simply there for us to observe and enjoy. He doesn’t try to delve into the spirituality of nature, but rather is content with simply seeing it take place in front of him. In his sonnet “The Thrush’s Nest” John Clare gives a perfect example of beauty in nature taking place right in front of him.
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