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weekly paper #6 ENG 346

weekly paper #6 ENG 346 - Sabrina Baez ENG 346 Weekly...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 346 10/13/2011 Weekly Paper #6 W.B. Yeats’ “Leda and the Swan” Initially when I read the poem “Leda and the Swan” by W.B. Yeats, I interpreted it to be a poem about rape. As I researched it I found that many literary critics believed this was the case as well. However, this poem could also have something to do with power and revolution. In ˡ my opinion this poem is not simply about the victimization of Leda by Zeus, it is also about what Leda decides to do about it, and the implications of the initial action. In the final couplet Yeats asks a rhetorical question which implies that he wants the reader to think more in depth about Leda’s reaction to her rape. He asks if Leda “put on his knowledge with his power”, allowing the reader to wonder if Leda maybe learned something out of this overcoming of herself. (Levin 157). Maybe it taught her how to fight back if a situation like that would ever occur again, or how to prepare herself better for it. Perhaps Leda can learn to become the predator rather than the prey.
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