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Sabrina Baez ENG 346 10/20/2011 Weekly Page #7 Final Version Claude McKay’s “Harlem Dancer” Claude McKay’s sonnet is about a woman dancing in front of a young and rowdy crowd in Harlem. The rhythm of “The Harlem Dancer” is fast and draws in the reader with alliteration, and imagery filled language, allowing the situation to come alive. McKay creates the sonnet using a basic Elizabethan style however throws in his own creative and radical style to liven up the poem and show more emotion. Such alliteration in the beginning lines as; “Applauding ˡ youths laughed with young prostitutes”, and “Blown by black players upon a picnic day” help to speed up the action and engage the reader into the story. (Levin 181). The beautiful imagery in this sonnet creates a picture for the reader allowing them to feel the emotion of the situation and sense the chaos surrounding it. McKay’s sonnet starts off as a group of young people merely having a good time, but the poem is actually about the woman who is entertaining the group. Her introduction into the poem
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weekly paper #7 Eng 346.docx - Sabrina Baez ENG 346...

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