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Hypothesis Testing Review Exercises For each problem, perform the test, if possible. If no data are given, set up the hypotheses and tell which test you would use. 1. A Business Week /Harris poll asked 1035 adults how well U.S. companies competed in the global economy; 704 respondents answered good/excellent ( Business Week , September 11, 2000). In a similar poll of 1004 adults in 1996, 582 respondents answered good/excellent. Can the sample results be used to conclude that the proportion of all adults responding good/excellent has increased over the 4 years from 1996 to 2000? Use α = .05. 2. A national TV telethon committee is interested in determining whether donations given by males and females differ in variability of amounts. To test this, random samples of 25 males and 25 females were selected from people who donated during last year’s telethon. The following statistics were computed from the sample data. Use α = .05. Mean SD Males $12.40 $2.50 Females $8.92 $1.34 3. The owners of Fit and Trim, a fitness and diet club, would like to advertise that their clients lose more than 10 pounds, on average, during their first 3 months of membership at the club. A sample of 20 members resulted a mean weight loss of 10.1 pounds with a standard deviation of .4 pounds.
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hyptestreview - Hypothesis Testing Review Exercises For...

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