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M201_F2011quiz3FridayLilac_Sol - 2 4 points Would it be...

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MATH201 11F Name:____________________________________________________ Quiz 3 Friday Lilac Solution Lab Section:__________ You must attach a signed lab switch form if you are taking this quiz in a lab section other than the one for which you are registered. Closed book / closed notes. Show all work for full credit. Questions 1 – 3 : Based on past records, the average number of two-car accidents in a New York City police precinct is 3.4 per day. 1. 4 points Find the probability that on a given day, there will be five such accidents?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. 4 points. Would it be unusual for the police precinct to report one such accident on a given day? Justify your answer with a z-score. 3. 4 points Find the probability that exactly three such accidents over a two-day period. 4. 4 points Let be a standard normal random variable. Find . Draw a picture and shade the appropriate area. 5. 4 points Find. Draw a picture....
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