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1 POSC 150 Exam #3 Study Guide How to use this study guide: This study guide should provide a starting point for your studying. By going through the guide and answering the questions, you should get a sense of what you know and what you need to study more. Use this to test your knowledge of the material and identify areas you need to improve upon. NOTE: You are responsible for all the material covered since the last exam . The intention of this guide is to highlight some major themes and topics covered in the class – it is not an exhaustive list of all material from readings and lectures. Also, these are not the questions that will be on the exam. PART THREE: GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS Congress Review Article I of the Constitution What is Article I about? What does it suggest about Congress’ power relative to the other branches of government? Does it specify differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives? What is the necessary and proper clause? What does bicameral mean? Who has the power to start bills? To pass them before they become law? What specific powers are left to the House? What specific powers are left to the Senate? Why did the founders think that the Senate would be different from the House? How many years does a senator serve for? A house member? Who do they represent? How old must you be before you can become a senator? Why are incumbents usually re-elected? Why is it so challenging for Congress to come to an agreement? Why do congressmen focus on their constituents first instead of the good of the nation? What does the term pork barrel mean?
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POSC+150+Exam+3+study+guide - 1 POSC 150 Exam #3 Study...

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